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Actress Alyssa Milano has spent almost her entire life in the public eye. A famous child actor, Alyssa has continued to work throughout her adulthood in both television and film ("Charmed", "Melrose Place", "Who's the Boss", "My Name is Earl", "Hugo Pool", "Fear", "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star", "Lady and the Tramp", "Pathology", "Wisegal").

However, her latest role is outside the world of Hollywood, as a philanthropist. Because of all her charitable work on behalf of children, Alyssa was invited by UNICEF in 2003 to become a National Ambassador.

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"Short pixie hair like Alyssa Milano's hair style brings a lot of attention to the eyes. It particularly suits women with narrow faces, pretty neck and smooth skin. Introducing some soft wave perms on the top and crown area spikes up the hair and create texture and volume."


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